A StraNge feeling When monday comes..

Everyone must feel irritated whenever Monday pops up with sun glaring at us dragging us out of bed early enough to leave for office but still we get late.I used to be one of them but now I feel as if my heart is melting. It’s missing its love a lot.O yes! I miss my love. I miss my husband. My heart sinks when he leaves for office. his eyes seeks me for a distant kiss and a bye. I return his pleasure with drooping eyes. He too starts missing me.

Well, here am I, sitting on sofa recalling cherished moments of last weekend.

“You talk on phone a lot, you don’t even listen to me, you don’t help me, you keep watching TV….” that’s how weekends begin with me shouting at him losing temper over him. This goes on till he finally looks at me longingly and tries to get attention. But I took no notice of him. I continued my work and he silently locked himself in the room. I couldn’t endure the silence that hit the house. I went to his room. There he was, lying with his face away from me, on the bed. I tiptoed near him and craned to see his face. His eyes were the most bewitching that had me swoon for him , now it was watery. I shrunk back as if something bit me. I couldn’t bear to see his sad face. The only thing I hate is “sorry” word. You need the courage to say it from your heart after realizing your mistake and I don’t have that when I am certain that it was not me who was on the wrong side. But my brain takes a U-turn when I see him dejected. Really ,I think a lot and that makes me get angry at him ( sometimes for no reason at all). I surrendered, put my hand over his head, mustered myself to enounce that five letter word. But I couldn’t help resting my head over his, caressing his hand and …. He turned .. We stared at each other.. my eyes longing him to understand that I am sorry…He hugged me and pleaded hat i should never get angry at him. I nodded and made promise which is always broken. But i did try my best. Thoughts apart, I hugged him back and relished each other’s heart beats for looooooooong..shhhhhhhhhh..O my god! I left my cooker on. It wasn’t me who ran to the kitchen. of course, it was him and he started lending his helping hand..Hummm! Some things happen for a reason. Some do not. He could have shouted back at me for being the stupid bitch shouting and always accusing. But he didn’t. He is not that man and I love him.

We always start our day with unusual beginnings ( during weekends). Yesterday,  we painted our room with different shades of blue and green mix with small patches of orange here and there. It was so lovely that we couldn’t help getting our snaps clicked in that room.

Either we are always out enjoying beach,movies, exploring new place, inquiring people about house , or anything just for fun or work at home ..No, I don’t obviously mean cleaning and all..

Really, weekends I am sitting on sofa trying to figure out how to pass time on weekdays…hmmm..

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Interview SuCkS – Shit HaPPeNS!!!

I am not nervous neither am I stupid not to answer any question nor am I scared of interviewers staring into my soul scorched in heat generated by brain of thinking too much about the end results in-spite of high voltage air-conditioner running in a closed jail look-a-like room. Most of all , why the heck do I have to be daunted of the questioner who is just doing his job of filtering 100 candidates into ONE best capable efficient- intelligent-smart candidate??  But Some do ask stupid questions which are not at all required .

I have only 1.5 years of experience in IT as software developer in classic VB and SQL. Believe it or not! I even went onsite within 4 months of joining. I have no shitty idea about .net , Oracle ,business logic  blah blah.. knowledge of which makes me qualified dotnet developer. But I was simple software developer who was just trained to fetch requirements,throw code, wag when issues develop ,dig into code for source and lick it to erase/modify to resolve the case and repeating the same tasks whenever issues are thrown. I never went beyond that monotonous duty.

One day I decided to resign and relocated to new place where IT hub is abundant..The one and only Chennai..(other than Bangalore)..I love chennai..

After few days of rest and preparation , job search starts..

I went inside , shook hands as written in interview rule book and waited for interviewer signalling me to sit. As I mentioned I was never scared , I have never even stammered in any interviews. I answered when I was confident of the answer otherwise I would shake my head or say “I have no idea of this topic”.So my interview started. I had discussed with my friends of possible questions the questioner might ask. I was thorough about my project , c/C++,OOPS concepts. But one is never expert in anything. I skipped lot of things.

“what do you know of WCF and WPF?” questioner asked

I was dumb-founded. I was never aware of these things. I slowly shook my head.


After digging into my brain to find the level of my intelligence, the interviewer finally announced..

“We will call you next week.”

I was hopeful of the result in-spite of lot of unanswered questions.I never knew that statement meant straight forward rejection.After attending 5-6 interviews, my head boiled and realized I am a naive in software development. After days of preparation of gaining knowledge about new technologies , I again started going for interviews.The more I attended Interviews, the more deeper the interview became technically. The best part was I got to learn so many new things. But this boost wasn’t enough to make me get selected in any recruitment.


Shit really happens everywhere..But nevertheless my search for job still goes on..Why the hell should I make my life hell when it’s so assuring and full of opportunities?!!


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The Unusual usual Love

I first heard his voice on 15th august, 2011.We talked on phone for the first time then and that too for long hours. There was something about his voice and the way of talking that made me curious to know about him. I must have asked him thousands of questions but he was patient enough to answer all of them with ease that I started to like him.

My dad had created matrimony profile of mine to which I always used to delete all personalized messages without even reading them since I was not interested in such kind of arranged marriage , infact I was not even interested in getting into family at all then. One day, his dad directly called my dad without even sending the personalized message. Without my knowledge, they fixed the meeting. That was when we had a first talk, just few days before the meeting.

I remember quite well, I was so nervous to talk that I was sure he must have heard me stammering and wondered if it’s my real voice. LOL! We decided we need to have chat. The day I saw him was the day I fell in love with him. Believe it or not, that was love at first sight for me, kind of Karan johar’s movie. He was tall, handsome and had a perfect smile and kindest eyes I have ever seen. We had a video chat before the real meeting. But I was already proposing him before even having face to face conversation. We had a video chat for another 20 days .we used to chat long hours, talk non-stop, text whole day and even pull each other’s legs.

September 1st, 2011 was my most special day and that was when we met for the very first time. I was all dressed up and was waiting for him. This everlasting waiting made me feel restless and finally, they entered. The moment he entered, my heartbeat started beating so fast that I could almost hear it shouting,”I am going to marry him..I am going to marry him”. He looked even more handsome and attractive that I blushed with goose bumps on my neck at the back.

We were left alone for few hours that just flew even though we barely talked except exchanged glances and smiles. Finally, we agreed to move on and fix our relationship.

We had fun wandering whole day hand-in-hand and shared lot of things and talked non-stop. Sometimes we would just sit in one place with me holding his hand and head rested on his shoulder. It was like heaven. People were roaming and staring at us but we didn’t care as we are two souls united and the rest is history.

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Wastes can be remodeled..

You must be expecting that i say “wastes can be recycled”.No,I am thinking about remodel only.

Recently I made a rocket that can be used as a reminder with an old tea paper box   , roll of tissue papers and colors.The box was cut in half on one side and folded to cover the lower part .The tissue paper roll was placed inside the lower part and the end of tissue was dragged out on the open and taken out through the paper strip that was pasted on the upper part.The paper strip was not pasted wholly but only at the ends.and then finally painted the box giving the impression of  a rocket.

I enjoyed creating new things which were useful as well as looked good in display.

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The spell of “The prestige”

“YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THAT MOVIE YET??IT’S AWESOME….”.Ya,i hadn’t seen that movie till yesterday.So engrossed and still i was while watching that movie.Not even one dialogue and scene could be missed.”Every magic trick has 3 parts or acts – pledge , turn and finally the prestige.”.True,Without the prestige,the trick is nothing.How do magicians trick? How do they fool the audience? The point is the magician never does the trick.It’s all about the illusions and fooling the spectators by drawing them away from the secret method the magician applies. The audience never care whether they are fooled or not…they just want to get entertained…they don’t even want to scrutinize each and every move (they do but in the wrong direction)..And in the end,when the prestige lands flawlessly, deafening round of applause explodes,flowers and flying kisses thrown at the pleased magician (pleased at his little joke!!:)) ) .

The spotlight dawns on the magician who starts to explain the trick he’s going to play.There’s 8*8 feet square tank filled with water in the middle of the theater.Then the light shines on the assistant who flutters around in her tiny dress showing the spectators the water tank ,ropes and nothing else and the spectators get so engrossed in the beauty of woman that they fail to notice the secret method of the magician.The magician shouts and requests to the audience that he needs two volunteers. Several hands shoot up.But the woman selects only two who tie her hands and legs with ropes.The woman is lifted by hand and dropped into the tank..And there comes the screen which makes the tank invisible for half a minute.The magician standing on the edge claps his hand and bingo! the woman appears standing by the side of the tank when the screen goes up as if she was never in the water tank.This is a cheap trick but still never fails to amaze the audience.

Even though the movie was flawless ,some scenes confused me.Like, Did borden really had a twin or did he make a clone of himself using tesla’s machine but then,he wouldn’t disclose his keyword to angier….And what relation did he (Borden) have with tesla??And most of all, why didn’t he tell his wife that he had twin??Aah! the movie was full of jumbled scenes that it woudn’t be enough if you watch it once…But the intensity of story, characters make you come back and watch it again…

hey!!Do check out this video of magic trick and tell me whether you find any flaw…

please post comments after you read it…

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